PiXaP is a platform that provides uploading and sharing of previous year Educational content.

We cannot guarantee reliability of the content.

(If you found anything abusing or unreliable content please mail us at help.pixap@gmail.com)

Uploading any unrelated data to PiXaP will result in removing your account

What you can do:

1. Freely download question papers by just doing a left click on the image. 2. Upload any question paper of any course of your college. 3. Delete your own post from myupload page (you can goto my uploads page from dropdown .Top right corner of page). 4. View any post that present in PiXaP. 5. Pix(like) any post. 6. Comment in any post. 7. Delete your own comment which you have posted previously under any post. 8. Unpix any post if you pixed it previously (if you already liked it then only you can unlike it ). 9. See the answer if any answers present in it. 10. write your own answer for any question in Q paper. 11. Delete your own answer.

What you cannot do:

1. Delete other users posts 2. Delete others comments 3. upload same question paper twice. 4. download others profile pic 5. Delete others answers.

Points policy:

1. You will get 10 points on each uploads. 2. 10 points will be deduced on deletion of each post. 3. You will get 15 points on each answer you post. 4. 15 points will be deduced on deletion of each answer.