Information Systems

Design Of Digital Systems

Unix Network Programming

Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structures & Algorithms Lab

Design of Digital Systems Lab

Introduction to Computer Hardware

Microprocessor Systems

Object Technology

Data Communication

Computer Graphics and Multimedia

Theory of Computation

Microprocessor Lab

Computer Graphics Lab

Operating Systems

Database Management Systems

Systems Programming

Computer Networks

Operating Systems Lab

Database Management Systems Lab

Compiler Design

Software Engineering

Distributed Computing

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Compiler Design Lab

Software Engineering Lab

Computer Networks Lab

Number Theory and Cryptography

Real Time Systems

Fault Tolerant Computing

Parallel Programming

Advanced Microsprocessors

Distributed Object Computing

Model Driven Computing

Mobile Computing

Protocol Engineering

Network Processors and Design

Network Management

Grid Computing

Requirements Engineering

Advanced Data Structures

Distributed Algorithms

Multimedia and Virtual Reality

ERP and Supply Chain Management

Information Security

Formal Methods


Performance Modelling and Analysis

Modern Computation Algebra


Advanced Database Systems

Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Computer Vision

Machine Intelligence

Algorithmic Graph Theory

Computational Complexity

Software Quality Assurance

Software Testing

Software Project Management

Web Engineering

Software Architecture

Cloud Computing


Principles of Programming Language

Object Oriented Programming

Simulation and Modelling

Object Oriented Systems

Computer Architecture Lab

Computer Graphics Mini-Project

Logic for Computer Science

Soft Computing

Advanced Computer Network

Advances in Compiler Design

Distributed Database system

Game Theory

Digital Image Processing

Wireless Networks

Green Computing

Distributed Computing Lab

Soft Computing Lab

High Preformance Computing

Network security

Information Retrieval

Service Oriented Computing

Management Information Systems

Decision Support System

Operating Systems

Systems Programming

Operating Systems Lab

Database Systems

Database Systems Lab

Software Engineering

Distributed Computing Systems

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Compilers Lab

Software Lab

Networks Lab

Information Security

Internet Tech & App

Artificial intelligence and expert system


Data Structures and Algorithms (IT)

Unix Programming and Practice

Computer Systems Organization Lab

Data Structures And Algorithms Lab (IT)

Information Systems

Operating Systems(IT)

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (IT)

Computer Graphics

Microprocessors and Interfacing


Parallel Computing

Database Systems

Web Technologies And Applications

Automata and Compiler Design

Multimedai Signal Computing

Perfomance Modeling

Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Advanced Computer Netwoks

Software Engineering

Human Computer Interaction

Information Assurance and Security

Perceptual Audio Processing

Perceptual Video Processing

Soft Computing

Genetic Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Neural Networks

Fuzzy System Models

Distributed Computing Systems

Advanced Database Systems

Information Retrieval

Simulation And Modeling


Mobile Computing

Embedded Systems


Knowledge Management

System Integration

Data Warehousing And Data Mining

Middleware Technologies

Computer Vision

Pattern Recognition

Cloud Computing

Mobile Adhoc Networks

Semantic Web Technologies

Virtual Reality

Rich Internet Application

Practical Training

Web Services

Software Architecture

Computer Architecture

Transaction Processing

Software Quality Assurance

Paradigms of programming - 1

Paradigms of programming - 2

computer comm & Net

Mathematical foundation of information technology


Active Filter Design

Advanced Computer Architecture

Speech and Audio Processing

Error Control Coding

Applications of Signal Processing

Advanced DSP

DSP Systems and Architecture

Practical Training


Satellite Communication

Digital System Design

Engineering Economics

Communication Lab - I

Analog Integrated Circuits Lab

Digital Communication

Analog Integrated Circuits

Data Structures & Algorithms

Analog Electronics Lab

Digital Electronics Lab

Mathematics for E& C Engg

Analog Electronics

Electromagnetic Waves

Linear Systems & Signals

Control systems

Analog communication


Radiating systems

Digital signal processing

RF & Microwave Eng

Cryptography and Data Security

Adhoc and Wireless Sen Net


Circuit Theory

Electromagnetic Theory

Electrical Machines I

Analog Electronic Circuits

Signals and Systems

Electrical Machines II

Power System Engineering

Digital Electronic Circuits

Power Electronics

Linear and Digital Control Theory

Power System Engineering II

Commutator Machines

Commutator Machines Laboratory

Digital System Design

Power System Harmonics

Digital Signal Processing

Linear and Nonlinear Systems

Network Synthesis

Distribution Systems Laboratory

Power Electronics Laboratory

Digital System Design Laboratory

Power System Harmonics Laboratory

Energy Auditing


Power System Communications

Optimal Operation of Power System

Special Machine and Drives

Embedded System Design

Electric Power Stations

Electric Energy Systems

Advanced Control System

Shell Scripting with Bash

Incremental Motion Contro

Virtual Instrumentation Laboratory

Energy Auditing Laboratory

Microprocessor Laboratory

Embedded System Design Laboratory

Power System Operation Laboratory

HVDC Transmission

Soft Computing

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Solid-State Drives

Power System Protection

Random Signal Processing

Non-Conventional Energy Systems

Advance Power Electronics

Power System Dynamics

Switchgear and Protection

Computer Networks

Flexible AC Transmission Systems

High-Voltage Engineering

Photovoltaics and Applications

Power Generation and Economics

Utilization of Electrical Energy

Advanced Electric Drives

Optimisation Techniques

Neural Networks and Applications

Industrial Electrical Systems

Renewable Energy Systems

Practical Training

Control Systems

Fuzzy-Neural Control

Energy Management

Electric Power Quality

Optimization Techniques

DC-AC System Interaction

Distribution System Automation

Energy Management Laboratory

Electric Power Quality Laboratory

Power Electronic Design Laboratory

Distribution Automation Lab

FACTS and Custom Power Devices

PV Power Systems

Renewable Energy Systems

Distributed Generation

Design of Embedded Controllers

Electric Drives

High-Voltage Testing Laboratory

Real-Time Operating Systems

Overvoltages in Power Systems

System Analysis with FACTS Devices

Embedded Generation

Advanced Energy Auditing

Direct Energy Conversion

Electric Vehicles

Synchrouns Machines

Power system analysis

Mathematics for Electrical Engineers

Electrical Measuremnts


Engineering Graphics


Energy Engineering

Design of Mechanical Drives

Basic Engineering Thermodynamics

Metrology and CAD Lab

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

Mechanical Laboratory-I

Measurements in Thermal Systems

Mechanics of Machines

Basic Manufacturing Process

Material Science and Metallurgy

Engineering Drawing

Workshop Practice

Applied Thermodynamics

Computer Aided Engineering

Manufacturing Technology

Machine Drawing

Fuels and Combustion

Metal cutting and Press Working


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control

Synthesis of Mechanisms

Internal Combustion Engines

Mechatronics System Design

Turbo Machines

Major Project-II

Theory of Elasticity

Refrigeration Technology


Mechanics of Compressible Flows

Energy Management

Automobile engineering

Quality Control

Automatic Control Engineering

Manufacturing and Design of MEMS

Machine Design


Environmental Pollution Control

Fluid Power Control

Heat Transfer

Machine Dynamics and Vibrations

Machine Shop-I

Metal Removal Processes

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Design Engineering

Manufacturing Systems Lab I

Metrology & Instrumentation

Modern Machining Processes

Manufacturing Systems Lab II

Design Engineering Lab

Mechanical Laboratory-II

Machine Shop- II

Non Conventional Energy Sources

Precision Enginnering Lab

Operations Research

Microprocessors and PLC

Advanced I.C. Engines

Fracture Mechanics


Applied Finite Element Method

Composite Materials

Design of Mechatonics Systems


Industrial Tribology

Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Experimental Stress Analysis

Theory of Plasticity

Automation Systems

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Heat & Mass Transfer

Nuclear Energy

Design of fluid power systems

Industrial Tribology

Refrigeration & Cryogenics

Engineering Acoustics


Finite Element Analysis


Metal Casting Processes

Collaborative manufacturing

Technology of Composite Materials

Applied elasticity

Thermal Engineering Lab

Air Conditoning Technology

Welding Technology

Advanced Machine Design

Theory of metal forming

Modern control Engineering

Fracture Mechanics


Measurement in Thermal Systems

Material Joining Processes

Major Project

Thermal Computational lab

Industrial Drives

Major Project

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Machine Tool Dynamics

Design of Solar Energy Systems

Concurrent Engineering

Energy Audit and Management

Experimental Stress Analysis

Data base Management systems

Satellite Thermal Control

Practical Training

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Microsystem Technology

Product Design and Manufacturing

Solar Energy

Energy Management

Major Project - I

Industrial Pollution Control

Optimization Methods

Automatic Control Engineering

Solar Energy

Destructive Testing

Industrial Tribology

Automated Manufacturing Systems

Design & Manufacturing

Analog & Digital Electronics

Mechatronics Engineering

Direct Energy Conversion

Web based Manufacturing Systems

Design of Thermal Systems

Rocket Technology

Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer

FMS & Simulation Lab

Smart Structures and Materials

Power Drives

Intelligent Systems

Robotic Systems

Rapid Manufacturing Technology

Nano Technology

Power Electronics

Digital System Design

Digital System Processing

Special Machines & Drives

Electro Magnetic Compatibility

Electro Magnetic Theory


Embedded System Design

Computer Simulation of IC Engines

Tribology in Machine Design

Nuclear Engineering

Vacuum Engineering

Steam & Gas Turbines

Heat Transfer in Two-phase Flow

Advanced Thermodynamics

Theory & Design of I.C. Engines


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Cryogenics Technology

Gas Dynamics

Materials for Nuclear Energy

Fuel Technology

Fusion Energy


Fracture Mechanics

Virtual Instrumentation

Bio-Fuels in IC Engines

Engineering Economics

Measurement instrumentation control

Production operation management


Structural Design and Drawing

Practical Training

Bridge Engineering

Air Pollution and Noise Pollution

Engineering Optimization

Advanced Structural Analysis

Elements of Surveying

Engineering Geology

Civil Engineering Materials Lab

Mechanics of Materials

Strength of Materials Lab


Disaster Management and Mitigation

Structural Analysis- II

Highway and Traffic Engineering

Water Resources Engineering

Hydraulics lab

Principles of Management

Applied soil engineering

Concrete Technology

Environmental impact assessment

Building design drawing

Railways tunnels harbours and airports

Mechanics of fluids

Applied geology

Soil Mechanics

Structure analysis I

Design of RCC Structure

Architecture town planning

Ground water D & M

Soil waste management

Estimation Costing & Specifications

Design of PSC Structures

Design of Steel Structures

Design of Foundations & Structures


Process Calculations

Momentum Transfer

Particulate Technology

Transport Phenomena

Process Instrumentation

Chemical Engg. Thermodynamics I

Heat Transfer

Mass Transfer I

Chemical Reaction Engineering I

Fluid & Fluid Particle Systems Lab

Energy Technology

Chemical Engg. Thermodynamics II

Chemical Reaction Engineering II

Mass Transfer II

Heat Transfer Operations Lab

Process Dynamics Control

Simultaneous Heat & Mass Transfer

Mass Transfer Operations Lab

Chemical Process Industries

Biochemical Engineering

Process Modeling & Simulation

Separation Processes

Fertilizer Technology

Electrochemical Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Fermentation Technology

Principles of Management

Industrial Training

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry


Organic Chemistry


CRE & Process Control lab

Technical analysis Lab

Engineering Economics

Instrumental methods

Thermodynamics I


Mechanical Testing

Metallurgical Thermodynamics

Physical Metallurgy

Polymer Science & Technology

Mineral Dressing

Mechanics of Materials

Process Engineering

Phase Diagram

X-ray & Electron Metallography

Testing of Materials Lab

Electronic Properties of Materials

Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Production of Iron & Ferro Alloys

Heat Treatment

Machine Design

Physical Metallurgy Lab

Extractive Metallurgy Lab

Principles of Management

Fatigue, Fracture and Creep

Fuels, Furnaces and Refractories

Production of Steel

Professional Practice

Metallographic Lab

Ceramic and Polymer Lab

Heat Treatment Lab

Phase Transformation

Metal Forming

Foundry Technology

Corrosion Engineering

Extraction of Non Ferrous Metals

Advanced Welding Technology

Surface Engineering

Metal Finishing Lab

Secondary Refining of Steels

Composite Materials

Metal Processing Lab

Mineral Dressing Lab

Instrumental Analysis Lab

Principal of extractive metallurgy

Ceramics Engineering

Aerospace Materials


Development of Minerals Deposits

Mine Surveying

Mine Surveying Lab

Mining Machinery

Mining Geology

Mining Geology Lab

Drilling and Blasting Engineering

Surface Mining

Underground Coal Mining

Mine Power Systems

Mineral Processing

Ground Control Engineering

Mine Economics

Rock Fragmentation Engineering

Rock Slope Engineering

Mine Environmental Engineering – I

Applied Mine Surveying Lab

Industrial Training – I

Rock Excavation Engineering

Applied Mine Surveying

Underground Metal Mining

Rock Mechanics

Rock Mechanics Lab

Mine System Engineering

Mine Camp

Mine Legislation

Environmental Management in Mines


Production Drilling for Oil Wells

Seabed Mining

Mine Health and Safety Engineering

Computer Applications in Mining

Advance Surface Mining

Advanced underground coal M